On July 14th the universities of NSW and Sydney, together with the Australian Council of TESOL Associations (ACTA) and ATESOL NSW, hosted a public forum on the future of EAL/D education in Australia.

The forum provided an opportunity for key NSW stakeholders to consider a National Roadmap for EAL/D Education in Schools launched by ACTA on the 6 May. Click here to read that post.

Australia once had a world-class national system of specialist English language provision supporting newly arrived, migrant and refugee students’ participation and achievement in the English-medium curriculum. Over the last two decades, however, national commitment, effort and accountability for this vital educational access and equity program has faltered.

As Australia emerges from the pandemic and re-opens to the world, state and national leadership is needed to restore its former leading role and rebuild the effective English language and literacy provision that Australia’s English language learners need to successfully participate in school education and contribute to a cohesive and prosperous multicultural society.

Click here to access the forum recording.