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This payment option is only available to teachers who have previously registered their interest in purchasing the 2 unit English (EAL/D) Trial HSC Exam Package AND have received an invoice with the amount owing. Using the drop-down menu below, please select the invoiced amount then follow the prompts. Use your registered email address and contact name so we can match your payment to our records.

Any payments made through this portal that cannot be traced to our registration database will not be recognised and no package will be sent.

If you have not previously registered your interest in purchasing the package, please fill in this form:

2020 Trial HSC Exam Package Registration

All registration details will be checked to ensure eligibility for purchase. An invoice will then be sent to the school email address provided advising of payment options. Please do not make payment until you have received an invoice.

The package will only be emailed when the full payment owing has been received. This will occur from Monday, 27 July 2020. Unfortunately, the package will not be available before this date if your school has early trial exams. Majority of schools will begin their exams on Monday, 17 August 2020 and this security period helps protect the integrity of our exam package.

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